Robert Sidoti - Stability and Expansion (60 mins) - Level 2

Engage and stabilize your center in order to feel openness and freedom in the rest of the body. Start in a core warming and strengthening sequence, expanding into standing poses that challenge the legs while staying connected to the stable midline. Cool back down with seated and supine stretches before experiencing the cleared lens of the mind in Savasana. You will feel spacious and secure.

Sarah Beston - Focused Hip Flow (60 mins) - Level 2

Where the attention goes, the energy flows. Find a grounded quality through hip openers, warm and flow through Sun Salutes, and sharpen your focus in standing poses challenging strength and balance. Close with a breathing practice in Savasana sensing presence. You will feel relaxed and steady.

Ali Cramer - Vata Balancing Practice (60 mins) - Level 2/3

May we trust the process, the vinyasa krama, one step to the next to the next. Kira’s guest, Ali, leads a Vata-inspired practice, encouraging us to be kind to ourselves during this Autumnal transition. Move slow and low with the grounded energy of the earth through warming Sun Salutes, expansive Warrior flows, arm balances to build strength and focus, and heart-opening back bends. You will feel soft, strong, and steady.

Melina Meza - Welcome to Fall Ayurveda (1 mins) - Level N/A

Melina welcomes us to the 5-Day Fall Ayurveda Yoga Challenge. With the turning of autumn, the Ayurvedic wisdom encourages us to align with the seasons to experience radiant health, balance, and harmony. Together we move through 5 1-hour practices weaving together asana, pranayama, meditation, and Ayurvedic rituals and routines. These practices are designed to nourish your whole being and create a sense of calm and stability. Thanks for being here, let’s begin.

Sadia Bruce - Riding Waves of Breath (60 mins) - Level 1/2

Let the breath speak it’s language to the body. Deepen into the breath through non-linear movement exploring spinal mobility, challenging balance and stability in dynamic standing postures, finding space in Bridge, twists, and forward folds, and adding a little spicy core work before settling into Savasana. You will feel expansive and centered.

Kristin Leal - Ground and Arrive (60 mins) - Level All Levels

Becoming more masterful of our nervous systems, and more discerning in our responses. Join Kristin as we ground into the present moment in an opening seated meditation before a brief talk on the nervous system. Then Kristin guides us in a Yoga Nidra practice to help us settle the mind, release tension, let go of old patterns, and approach our deeper selves. You will feel clear and at ease.

Robert Sidoti - Slow and Present (60 mins) - Level 2

Find space in the body, clear the mind, and embrace the stillness between movements in this mindful practice. We start supine connecting to the breath, which will carry us throughout the practice. We move into concentrated core work, hip mobility drills, and holds in standing postures to find strength and stability. Close out your practice with breath work exploring moments of presence. You will feel balanced and spacious.

Sarah Beston - Strong Warrior Flow (60 mins) - Level 2

Find strength and stability in this grounding flow practice. Allow the earth to support you through moving meditation in Sun Salutes, strong Warrior flows, and standing postures with longer holds, inviting spaciousness and stillness into the moments between. You will feel balanced, rooted, and at ease.

Kristin Leal - Soothing the Nervous System (60 mins) - Level All Levels

When nothing is certain everything is possible. Kira’s guest, Kristin Leal, leads a transformative Yoga Nidra practice to help us move through obstacles with grace, efficiency, and ease. Resting comfortably on our backs, Kristin guides us through breath awareness, body scan, alternate nostril breathing, and pairing of opposites techniques to ultimately become aware of the part of us that is unchanged, unbound, pure potential. Kristin sings grounding mantras to gently guide us back to awareness. You will feel held, receptive, and absorbed by the light of who you really are.

Sadia Bruce - Welcome to Season 1 (1 mins) - Level N/A

Sadia welcomes us to Season 1 of Guided by Breath. Together we’ll move through one hour of adaptive, fluid practice that encourages skillful, easeful, and joyful return of the body to the breath. In these hatha-vinyasa sequences, shapes and movements both familiar and new are deconstructed and linked to the breath. We ride waves of inhale and exhale and move organically and fluidly in ways that inspire us to embrace the poetry of reality. You will feel both expansive and grounded. Let’s begin. All episodes were originally broadcast live from Sadia's home studio in The Berkshires, Massachusetts.

Sadia Bruce - Into the Breathing Body (60 mins) - Level 1/2

Witness the dance of the breath cycle. Sadia invites us to tap into the intelligence of the breath, finding our own expression in simple shapes, moving mindfully through Sun Salutes, linking breath to movement in dynamic standing sequences, and balancing softness with effort in holds and back bends. Explore pratyahara in seated forward folds, and close in a seated loving-kindness meditation. You will feel supple and connected.

Robert Sidoti - Vinyasa Core Restore Flow (60 mins) - Level 2

Explore the landscape of you in this slower, mindful flow incorporating Warrior dance, holds in standing poses to free the side body, and hip openers. We move into concentrated core work, and then close out in some restorative Yin poses. You will feel strong and open.

Kira Sloane - Sensing the Subtler Channels (60 mins) - Level 1

The first step to seeing more clearly is being aware that we can’t see everything. Turn your attention inward in order to sense the subtler channels (nadis) of the body. Working into the hips, we use the strap to floss out the creaky spots, play into some simple side bends, hip openers, and flow, and settle into a seated meditation. You will feel nourished and spacious.

Rosemary Garrison - Strong Center, Open Heart (60 mins) - Level 2

Work with the energies of the heart to build a strong foundation for this back bending practice. Warm into Sun Salutes, find stability and strength in the core and legs in standing poses, and move deeper into the back and heart in Salabhasana, Dhanurasana, and Bridge, with the option to press into Wheel. You will feel strong and expansive.

Arturo Peal - Breathe in a Sense of Safety (60 mins) - Level 1

Use the breath to calm the nervous system and find a sense of safety in this careful practice with Kira’s guest, Arturo Peal. We begin standing, brushing the energy throughout the body in a cleansing meridian massage. Then we sit and work into spinal circles, forward bends, and neck stretches, before lying on our backs and freeing up the hips, pelvis, psoas, and hamstrings. You will feel relaxed and secure.

Rosemary Garrison - Taking Flight (60 mins) - Level 2

Take flight in this spicier practice cultivating inner freedom. Lose yourself in the flow of Sun Salutes, explore range of movement through Garudasana and twisted lunges, soar your Eagle into Warrior 3, and challenge yourself in standing poses with optional binds. Play in Headstand, and close out in a seated meditation holding Garuda mudra. You will feel light and free.

Kira Sloane - Making Space for the Breath (60 mins) - Level 1/2

Find more room to sense the breath by making space in the body. Melt over a rolled blanket to soften the tension in the lower belly, find space in the hips and legs in supine and standing postures, and then sit in meditation of the Pranamaya Kosha, focusing on moving the attention of the breath up the torso. Close out with Bridge, Plow, and a sweet Savasana. You will feel connected and expansive.

Wade Gotwals - Cool It Down (60 mins) - Level 1/2

Give yourself permission to release some of the doing in this practice designed to create space and connect more deeply. Soften and open the shoulders and hips in floor work, release tension and find fluidity and length in the spine through gentle twists, build a slow easeful warmth in standing poses, and play in Tree Pose as we use Lotus Mudra to bloom into the heart space. You will feel connected and peaceful.

Rosemary Garrison - Paradise Flow (60 mins) - Level 2

Move with compassion and a sense of adventure in this focused practice sequencing towards Bird of Paradise. Cultivate internal fire with preparatory core work, warm and stretch in Sun Salutes, and open and strengthen the hips and legs in standing poses, Lizard, and Yogi Squat (Malasana), before slowly and mindfully playing towards our peak pose. You will feel nourished and joyful inside and out.

Sadia Bruce - Guided by Breath with Sadia (60 mins) - Level 1/2

The breath is the co-pilot of the heart. Sadia leads us through a mindful practice to quiet and feel the subtleties of the body, as we move through opening floor work, into warming holds and sun salutes, gentle back bends, and twists, all the while leading with the heart and guided by the supportive softness of the breath. You will feel spacious and connected.


Yoga for Detox

Poses to help you cleanse

From reading the celebrity rags, you may think that detox is something you do by either checking into a cushy rehabilitation facility or consuming nothing but liquids for 21 days. It seems either overly arduous or something only the rich and idle have time to do. But your body is designed to engage in detoxification every day.

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As I discussed in the article 7 Ways to Fast Track Your Weight Loss This Summer, eating healthy and staying on track with your nutrition plan during the summer months is not as easy as one might think. The increased socializing that often takes place during this time of year makes for quite a calorie challenge.

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Clean Eats Recipe: Maw Maw's Gumbo

Today, we are witnessing the greatest revolution in nutritional science. It’s the idea that food is not just calories, food is information. The food we eat is literally telling our bodies which gene switches to turn on or off. As a cardiologist, I take this insight seriously. I often see patients at my home, so after their consultation I always take them to my kitchen. I show them inside my fridge and teach them the important role food plays in their health.

Color Your Easter Eggs with Beets & Berries

Natural dyes made from foods you love

Martha Stewart, ever the model of elegant efficiency, is ahead of the rest of us when it comes to Easter eggs; all she has to do is head out to her Palais de Poulet and collect the perfectly pastel blue-green eggs her fancy Araucana chickens lay.


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