Maria Villella - PMS Relief (35 mins) - Level 1/2

Maria offers a movement practice designed to offer PMS relief and to clear any liver qi stagnation.

Dana Slamp - Welcome to Good Night Yoga (1 mins) - Level N/A

Dana welcomes us to Season 1, where she guides us through simple movements, calming meditations, and helpful breathing exercises to practice before bed, in bed, and even in the middle of the night.

Dana Slamp - Getting a Good Night's Rest (15 mins) - Level N/A

Dana shares a talk on disordered sleep—the causes and what the sleep experts recommend doing to assist with a good night's rest.

Dana Slamp - Restful Night Practice (30 mins) - Level 1

Dana guides us in a slow and investigative flow to move the spine in the five major directions and to release any lower back tension in preparation for a deeply restful night's sleep.

Sarah Lowe - Dancer's Flow (20 mins) - Level 2

Sarah guides us in a fluid sequence to prepare the body for an expansive Natarajasana (Dancer Pose). We move into the hips, heart, and quadriceps. You will feel open and aware.

Brenda Lear - Go-to Sequence v.5 (30 mins) - Level 2

With an invitation to stoke the internal fire and build heat in the body, Brenda guides us through a 30-minute go-to sequence to find strength and energy.

Maria Villella - Boost Your Blood Flow (30 mins) - Level 1/2

Maria guides us in a fluid practice to boost the blood flow to the uterus, ovaries, and reproductive system.

Karen Kelly - Warrior Chair Practice (20 mins) - Level 1

Karen, with the help of Colette and Alice, guides us in an active warrior flow practice with the support of a chair. We find strength and stability in the legs and core.

Sarah Lowe - Controlled Core (20 mins) - Level 2

Build strength in your abdominal muscles. Sarah guides us through a series of core-focused postures to build strength and stability.

Alana Mitnick - Go-to Sequence v.4 (30 mins) - Level 2

With an emphasis on lengthening the spine and creating more spaciousness and ease in the body, Alana guides us through this 30-minute go-to practice.

Maria Villella - Cleaning House- Detoxify (35 mins) - Level 2

Maria shares a practice designed to detoxify the organs and clear any stuck energy in the body. We move through a series of twists and various postures that create pressure and space in the abdomen. You will feel a new sense of spaciousness.

Karen Kelly - Chair Pose to Standing (10 mins) - Level 1

Karen guides us in a short practice designed to help us build strength and confidence in Chair Pose, our transition from seated to standing. Using the support of a chair and block, we focus on balancing and strengthening our legs and abdominals.

Karen Kelly - Balance Chair Practice (40 mins) - Level 1

Karen, with the help of Colette and Alice, guides us in an active standing balancing practice using the chair for support. We begin in Mountain Pose with shoulder movements before flowing into full body stretching. This practice focuses on balance, stability, strength, and flexibility.

Sarah Lowe - Standing Flow (20 mins) - Level 2

We go deep into the hamstrings, core, and hips in this efficient and energizing 20-minute flow sequence. You will feel strong, stable, and steady.

Rosemary Garrison - Go-to Sequence v.3 (30 mins) - Level 2

Find spaciousness and ease in all the sticky spots of the body in this 30-minute go-to sequence led by Rosemary.

Maria Villella - Welcome to Season 1 (1 mins) - Level N/A

Maria welcomes us to Season 1 of Yoga, Hormones, and Fertility. In Season 1 we explore the ovulation cycle and move into 30-minute practices to help balance hormones, exploring common challenges that may occur throughout the month. You will feel empowered as you ride the waves of change throughout your menstrual cycle.

Maria Villella - Balance Your Hormones (15 mins) - Level N/A

Maria shares a talk on the varying degrees and potential factors of hormonal imbalances and offers ways in which you can begin to find more balance and harmony.

Maria Villella - Your Menstrual Cycle (15 mins) - Level N/A

Maria offers a talk on the process and stages of the female menstrual cycle. Whether you are looking to conceive or looking to balance your hormones, this talk will help you better understand the entire process.

Maria Villella - Adrenal Health (30 mins) - Level 1

Maria shares a gentle and nourishing practice to support our adrenal health. This practice is designed to calm and sooth the nervous system and to help regulate and balance hormones. We finish with an acupressure seated meditation.

Karen Kelly - Back, Spine, and Abs (20 mins) - Level 1

Karen guides us in a full-body chair practice designed to stretch, strengthen, and awaken the back, spine, and abdominals.


Yoga for Detox

Poses to help you cleanse

From reading the celebrity rags, you may think that detox is something you do by either checking into a cushy rehabilitation facility or consuming nothing but liquids for 21 days. It seems either overly arduous or something only the rich and idle have time to do. But your body is designed to engage in detoxification every day.

Savory and Sweet Summer Fruit Guide + 3 Delicious Recipes

Some might say that the best part of summer is the longer days, or the warm temperatures, or the trips to the beach. But I respectfully disagree. My favorite part of summer is the ripe, flavorful fruits that will be in season from now until the fall.

Detox 101

Looking to detox? Find out which detox diet is right for you.

Benefits of Eating What’s in Season

Why seasonal food is better for you and the planet

Eat local. Eat what’s in season. Eat organic. Confused by multiple messages about what to eat and where to buy it?  We’ve looked into eating seasonal food and have it all figured out. Here’s why you should (really) do it.

Easy on the Wallet

4 Tips for July 4th Picnics, BBQs and Pool Parties

Have a happy, healthy Independence Day!

As I discussed in the article 7 Ways to Fast Track Your Weight Loss This Summer, eating healthy and staying on track with your nutrition plan during the summer months is not as easy as one might think. The increased socializing that often takes place during this time of year makes for quite a calorie challenge.

Restoring Your Soil

Tips to make your garden greener

“Mary, Mary quite contrary … How does your garden grow?" Even if the answer is “not well,” a black thumb might not be to blame. Instead, the culprit could be poor soil quality.

Getting Kids to Eat Right

A healthy French Toast recipe for your family

Meditation and Visualization

How to focus your mind to benefit your body, plus 4 types of meditation

Meditation and visualization are empowering tools to enhance consciousness and self-awareness and to focus the mind. Visualization is a healthy way of bringing positive energy into your mind, body and spirit, expanding your capacity for creativity.

Clean Eats Recipe: Maw Maw's Gumbo

Today, we are witnessing the greatest revolution in nutritional science. It’s the idea that food is not just calories, food is information. The food we eat is literally telling our bodies which gene switches to turn on or off. As a cardiologist, I take this insight seriously. I often see patients at my home, so after their consultation I always take them to my kitchen. I show them inside my fridge and teach them the important role food plays in their health.

Color Your Easter Eggs with Beets & Berries

Natural dyes made from foods you love

Martha Stewart, ever the model of elegant efficiency, is ahead of the rest of us when it comes to Easter eggs; all she has to do is head out to her Palais de Poulet and collect the perfectly pastel blue-green eggs her fancy Araucana chickens lay.


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