Rosemary Garrison - Teaching Theme Based (Custom mins) - Level 2/3

Rosemary introduces us to a more energetic way to build a sequence, based around a theme rather than around asana poses. Rosemary also shows us gentle adjustments that are optional for your students, and provides many posture modifications so that any practitioner may feel challenged to meet and explore their edge.

Rosemary Garrison - Theme Based Practice (75 mins) - Level 2/3

The companion episode to “Teaching Theme Based”, this episode is just the sequence, without Rosemary’s teaching explanations. Watching this episode will help integrate what we learned in the previous episode. This spicy practice will also help you find a balance between effort and ease, flowing through Sun Salutes, and experiencing long holds in heat-building poses like Warrior 3, Twisting Half Moon, and Forearm Plank. Explore your edge, learn to sustain effort amidst challenge, and measure when to engage and when to soften, on and off the mat. You will feel steady and centered.

Lydia Zamorano - Welcome to Season 6 (1 mins) - Level N/A

Lydia welcomes us to Season 6 of 30 Minute Yoga Flows. We flow together through five 30-minute practices designed to increase your strength, mobility, and stability, and release tension. We'll visit new and familiar forms in a dynamic and playful ways to increase a flow of energy and freedom.

Lydia Zamorano - Playful Flow (30 mins) - Level 2/3

Explore hand balances in this playful flow. We begin seated strengthening and releasing the wrists in preparation for bearing the body’s weight, move into Sun Salutes to warm and open the joints, and then play in Crow, Side Crow, and Handstand.

Lydia Zamorano - Confidence Flow (30 mins) - Level 2

Flow into confidence in this shoulder strengthening practice. We move through Sun Salutes and standing postures to build mobility and stability in preparation for bearing weight in arm balances. You will feel strong and capable.

Kira Sloane - Welcome to Season 4 (1 mins) - Level N/A

Kira welcomes us to Season 4 of The Yoga Show with Kira and Friends. This season we get to practice with Shelley, Lydia, Suniti, Sean, Miles, and Nathan. Each practice is about an hour, and each practice is unique, specific, and dear to each teacher. All episodes were originally broadcast live from each teacher's home studios.

Rosemary Garrison - Peak Pose Practice (75 mins) - Level 2/3

The companion episode to “Teaching Peak Pose”, this episode is just the sequence, without Rosemary’s teaching explanations.  Watching this episode will help integrate what we learned in the previous episode.  This episode will also be instructional to work on Bird of Paradise in your own practice, starting with warming Sun Salutes, visiting the balance in Crescent Lunge, and opening and strengthening the hamstrings, hips, and shoulders before moving into the peak pose.  You will feel balanced and at ease.

Rosemary Garrison - Teaching Peak Pose (90 mins) - Level 2/3

Rosemary instructs how to create and teach a sequence centered around a peak pose. We first choose a challenging pose and then work backwards to create a sequence that will open and strengthen the parts of the body necessary to reach the peak pose. You will learn how to introduce this pose slowly and in stages so that students of different levels may meet their edge and explore it in their own bodies.

Robert Sidoti - Core-Focused Vinyasa Flow (60 mins) - Level 2

Enjoy the ride toward better health and a stronger body. Robert leads a full body experience on your mat, beginning with connecting to your breath, then leading into a sequence to engage the core. We make space in twists and back bends, explore strengthening, balancing, and stabilizing in familiar standing poses, and enjoy sweet recovery moments to find comfort and ease. You will feel strong and uplifted.

Kira Sloane - Yin into Kindness (60 mins) - Level 1

Kindness takes a little bit of work. Kira guides us into softening holds in this comfy Yin practice centered around Loving Kindness towards self and others. Ease into supine twists, snuggle into hip openers, sink the spine into passive backbends, and find openness in forward folds before closing in a seated Metta meditation. You will feel a sense of warmth and equanimity.

Rosemary Garrison - Teaching Balanced Flow (Custom mins) - Level 2

Rosemary instructs how to teach an overall balanced flow class designed to warm, open, stretch, and strengthen the entire body. Learn how to create the arc of the class, link postures smoothly and safely, provide modifications, and offer props and adjustments. You will be more knowledgeable on how to build a balanced sequence, bringing your students on a well-rounded physical as well as energetic journey.

Rosemary Garrison - Welcome to Season 1 (1 mins) - Level N/A

Rosemary welcomes us to Season 1 of The Art of Vinyasa Sequencing, where we will explore 3 different approaches to creating safe, intelligent, and engaging vinyasa practices- Balanced Flow, Peak Pose, and Theme Based. Each of the 3 sequences has 2 episodes. The first episode is the “teaching” episode, broken up into multiple chapters wherein which Rosemary explains the intention of the practice, the poses and their deliberate order, and other instruction notes. The second episode is the “practice”, an uninterrupted version of the sequence. In addition to gaining confidence to build your own vinyasa sequences, you will witness mindful hands-on adjustments, use of various props, and numerous pose modifications to challenge a mixed group of students.

Rosemary Garrison - Balanced Flow Practice (Custom mins) - Level 2

The companion episode to “Teaching Balanced Flow”, this episode is just the sequence, without Rosemary’s teaching explanations.  Watching this episode will help integrate what we learned in the previous episode. This is also a wonderful overall practice focusing on the entire body, building heat in Sun Salutes, challenging strength, stamina, and balance in familiar standing poses, and cooling down with Shoulder Stand.  You will feel strong and spacious.

Nathan Briner - Breathe and Release with Nathan (60 mins) - Level 2

Think less about stretchiness, more about space. Kira’s guest, Nathan, encourages us to create space for the lungs to breathe and the body to release tension, leading us through energizing Sun Salutes, holds to challenge balance, and expansive standing and supine postures. You will feel open and centered.

Kristin Leal - Uncovering the True You (60 mins) - Level All Levels

Rest in the light of who you really are. In this episode, we move between opposing core misbeliefs revealing that we are not these beliefs but rather their observer. After seated meditation and lecture, our Yoga Nidra practice helps us re-pattern our core beliefs through breath awareness and pairing of opposites. You will feel connected with your true self. Please have paper and pen nearby for this practice.

Miles Borrero - Heart Softening with Miles (60 mins) - Level 2

Take great care of yourselves - that’s why we’re here. Kira’s guest, Miles, leads a mindful practice to challenge the strength, flexibility, and stability through Moon and Sun Salutes, holds in standing poses, slow careful transitions, and moments to soften into stretch. Miles also inspires us with chanting accompanied with his harmonium. You will feel buoyant and blissful.

Sadia Bruce - Unbound Breath (60 mins) - Level 1/2

Let the breath come to you. Sadia leads a fluid class with attention to strengthening the core and legs, connecting in new ways to the breath, and finding your unique movement through repeatable postures. You will feel supported and serene.

Kristin Leal - Still Lake of the Mind (60 mins) - Level All Levels

Journey to the center of your mind and enjoy a clearer perception and discernment. After seated breathwork, Kristin tells us about brain waves, dispels a meditation myth, and relates the Buddha story of the 10,000 Moons, before moving into our Yoga Nidra practice. You will sense the tranquility of the still mind. You can follow along with the Grounding Mantras at the end of each class by accessing the PDF attached below.

Sarah Beston - Move In to Expand Out (60 mins) - Level 2

Play with opposites in this fluid practice as we explore moving into the back body, then expanding outwards into the heart space. Sarah guides us through Sun Salutes and standing poses to warm the core and challenge the balance while moving into the expanding space in the body. You will feel expansive and uplifted.

Sean Johnson - Saraswati Flow w Sean (60 mins) - Level 1

Kira’s guest, Sean, guides a Bhakti themed class inspired by the goddess Saraswati. We begin seated while Sean tells a moving story about the goddess. Then we chant mantras feeling into how sound affects the mood, and move into a gentle flow to release stickiness in the body. We close in a sweet Savasana and a final round of mantra. You will feel blessed with loving gratitude for self. Please click here for more about Sean's band, Sean Johnson and the Wild Lotus Band.


Yoga for Detox

Poses to help you cleanse

From reading the celebrity rags, you may think that detox is something you do by either checking into a cushy rehabilitation facility or consuming nothing but liquids for 21 days. It seems either overly arduous or something only the rich and idle have time to do. But your body is designed to engage in detoxification every day.

Savory and Sweet Summer Fruit Guide + 3 Delicious Recipes

Some might say that the best part of summer is the longer days, or the warm temperatures, or the trips to the beach. But I respectfully disagree. My favorite part of summer is the ripe, flavorful fruits that will be in season from now until the fall.

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Benefits of Eating What’s in Season

Why seasonal food is better for you and the planet

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Easy on the Wallet

4 Tips for July 4th Picnics, BBQs and Pool Parties

Have a happy, healthy Independence Day!

As I discussed in the article 7 Ways to Fast Track Your Weight Loss This Summer, eating healthy and staying on track with your nutrition plan during the summer months is not as easy as one might think. The increased socializing that often takes place during this time of year makes for quite a calorie challenge.

Restoring Your Soil

Tips to make your garden greener

“Mary, Mary quite contrary … How does your garden grow?" Even if the answer is “not well,” a black thumb might not be to blame. Instead, the culprit could be poor soil quality.

Getting Kids to Eat Right

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Meditation and Visualization

How to focus your mind to benefit your body, plus 4 types of meditation

Meditation and visualization are empowering tools to enhance consciousness and self-awareness and to focus the mind. Visualization is a healthy way of bringing positive energy into your mind, body and spirit, expanding your capacity for creativity.

Clean Eats Recipe: Maw Maw's Gumbo

Today, we are witnessing the greatest revolution in nutritional science. It’s the idea that food is not just calories, food is information. The food we eat is literally telling our bodies which gene switches to turn on or off. As a cardiologist, I take this insight seriously. I often see patients at my home, so after their consultation I always take them to my kitchen. I show them inside my fridge and teach them the important role food plays in their health.

Color Your Easter Eggs with Beets & Berries

Natural dyes made from foods you love

Martha Stewart, ever the model of elegant efficiency, is ahead of the rest of us when it comes to Easter eggs; all she has to do is head out to her Palais de Poulet and collect the perfectly pastel blue-green eggs her fancy Araucana chickens lay.


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